February 9, 2011

I haven’t posted here for a long time.  A whole lot has changed since the days of following Deadbeat (Doug Kenline) and Togafraud (Gene Chapman).  To be brutally honest, they became very boring.  Doug started on the straight and narrow and I gotta figure Gene is homeless somewhere…but how lucky is he now, he doesn’t have to pay taxes. Hmm, did the exorcism work? Or did his mental problems catch up with him?

Either way, I’m done with that and done with tax protesters in general. I’ve changed the name of my Blog and will now devote some time to mentioning the truth about things – at least the way I see the truth.   I know that most liberals aren’t willing or able to change their world view..I’m ok with that, but do not expect me to roll over and act like a wimpy white male the first time someone uses an Alinsky tactic on me. I’m comfortable with the fact that I’m not a racist – using that word means nothing to me.  

First thing I want to talk about is this story…I think that skools (hooked on fonix for me thank you very much) shouldn’t  be bothering students who post 1st amendment protected items – which means that I don’t think they should bother teachers either.  That’s the problem with “zero tolerance” policies.  It crushes everyone for everything. 

What’s wrong with us?  PC …how did we ever allow ourselves to care a whit about what simple  minded people think about what we say?  Sticks and Stones for Heaven’s sake.