Oh the irony!

August 20, 2006

**comments no longer require you to leave an email address. Still would like a name (or nick). **

I’m sitting here reading Gene Chapman’s posting regarding ENM’s “anti” Chapman blog. I came to the part wherein in Chapman said

” Now, when I see some comments allowed on this blog, I’ll be happy to address your attacks upon me further.”

and begin to wonder if he’s even capable of recognizing the irony of what he said.

Irony is defined by Webster: the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning

We all know that Gene does not want debate that he can’t control. He proved that by having his sycophant Deadbeat Kenline ban me from commenting on the only one of his blogs that allow comments. Why was I banned? Simply for ridiculing him over his stupid statements.

It wasn’t hard to do.

Gene almost writes the smart ass remarks for me. Look at his blog now, he’s advocating polygamy. To him, the thought that 13-14 year old girls are forced to marry men 25 years their senior is ok in his altered reality.

I’m sure for a “man” that was unable to keep one wife, couldn’t keep up with an obviously impressionable gal like “Jassica” and probably hasn’t had a date in over a decade, the idea of subserviant women is something that he drools about.

By the way, for those that are curious. I still haven’t been visited by the FBI.

I did – however – save the blog comment Gene wherein you said you “needed to come to Laughlin and visit me”. The more I think about that, it was obviously a threat against my life. You are a criminal after all, having spent time in jail (you know, after you were released from the mental institution). I believe that I just may have to report you to the FBI.


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