TogaFraud gets a mention on a Libertarian Blog

August 19, 2006

Obviously, I couldn’t pass that opportunity by. I followed the link so kindly provided by Deadbeat and left a comment on the blog. I hope you don’t mind, ENM, but I’m sending them to your Chapman Truth Blog. Here’s the comment I left, completely unedited and my total despisement of TogaFraud left intact.

Please visit this for the true history of nationally “know” tax protestor, Gene Chapman. I would truly weep for the libertarian party if that thing known as Gene Chapman was their banner child.


One Response to “TogaFraud gets a mention on a Libertarian Blog”

  1. Thanks for the link, Frank. 🙂

    Check out Gene’s blog today. He actually compares George Phillies to Fidel Castro, on the basis that Castro hasn’t attacked him and neither has Phillies. (Makes your brain hurt to think like Gene, doesn’t it?) Apparently it upsets Gene that Phillies is ignoring him. LOL

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