Gene makes a challenge:

August 18, 2006

TogaFraud, in his own unique (read: retarded) style makes a challenge to be debated on his “presidential” blog. For further information on that little piece of news, please visit my other blog for background information. Here’s his “challenge”:


Expanded Debate Challenge

Gene Chapman hereby expands his debate challenge to anybody that will debate him from candidates to elected officials. From George W. Bush on down to Dick Cheney. From State Reps on up to United States Senators. Gene is even willing to take on any member of the highest ranking office in the land, the Masters, the People.

Simply notify us in the reader comments section of this blog that you would like to debate Gene and we will arrange the particulars. We believe that at this point in time the three-way call adioblog format will give us the most bang for the buck.

The three-way call audioblog debate format allows all parties to attend from wherever they choose at their convenience. It also is a much more powerful medium than written back and forth blog posts although those are welcome as well.

The audioblog format allows the visitors to this blog to be able to kick back and surf the web or do other things while listening to the debate whose transcription could be rather lengthy and strenuous to read in written format.

Who will be the first to step up to the plate? We eagerly await your reply.

Also if you would just like to be on Gene’s audioblog show for any reason or just be a guest on his show and talk about the campaign or whatever, let us know in the reader comments and we’ll set it up.

What he fails to mention is that he has banned me from his comment field simply for disagreeing with and (yes, I admit) ridiculing him.

I tried to debate you once about your kindergarten views of taxes and you ignored that completely. Why would anyone believe you’d do any different this time? Besides, if you starting losing the debate, your buddy Deadbeat would simply ban them from the comment field.


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