More stupidity from Togafraud

August 16, 2006

I would like to say before you read this: ENM, he laid down a challenge, I really hope you mop the floor up with this dress wearing fraud.

Oh and one other thing – what a set of brass ones you have Togafraud to actually critcize someone for not having comments on their blog, when you banned me from commenting on the only blog you have that allows comments.

Thought just occurred to me – with brass balls and you wearing dresses, maybe you’re suffering from rust damage. That could explain a great deal.

And I noticed that without anyone to slap him down, Robert Dingle is posting on togaidiots “presidential” blog. Post over here Dingle, the comment field is warmed up and ready. Oh wait a minute, I forgot you are a coward.

No Reader Comments on Opposition BlogToday, I found an opposition blog that I figured might show up, if I were worth the effort. I’m flattered to see

This is not my site, and I left the domain name open on purpose, Miss. Opponent, to see if I were worthy of an opponent. Now, when I see some comments allowed on this blog, I’ll be happy to address your attacks upon me further.

He left the domain name open “on purpose”. Sure togafraud, easy to say after the fact.

Gene Chapman

P.S. Where is it found that an I.Q. of 96 is low? I was told without reservation that 95 is right dead center of average. Are you sure you are using the right standard?

Dr. Arthur Jensen “Straight Talk about Mental Tests” cites the following four IQ thresholds:

1) An IQ of 50 or below. This is the threshold below which most adults cannot cope outside of an institution. They can typically be taught to read at a 3rd or 4th grade level. However, they cannot normally function in the customary classroom setting, and they require special training programs.

(2) An IQ between 50 and 75. At this level of intelligence, they generally cannot complete elementary school. Most adults will need smarter help in coping with the world.

(3) An IQ between 75 and 105. Children in this IQ range are not generally able to complete a college prep course in high school.

(4) An IQ between 105 and 115. May graduate from college but generally, not with grades that would qualify them for graduate school.

(5) An IQ above 115. No restrictions.

Correct if I’m wrong oh wise one – but 96 falls between 75 and 105, right?

And do you have anything on aptitude testing, wherein I was found to be at “genius level,” according to the tester? You propose to be informed, so I’m interested in your thoughts.

Sure dickweed, I can say that I was a former Astronaut and was the Director of the CIA for several years whilst between jobs – that doesn’t make it true. Much like just about everything that comes out of your mouth.


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