Diplomacy – Stupid Style

August 16, 2006

Or Gene TogaFraud Chapman style, which is really 2 different ways of saying the same thing:

The Checkerboard Plan The U. S. Government has had its foot on the neck of a bunch of nations for a long time. And when new blood makes it into power in Washington and starts pulling that foot up off of those necks, the people held down by that foot are gonna come up swinging anything they can find to hit us with.

Withdrawal of U. S. troops from the 130 countries from around the world where they are now sounds easy, but it will be the hardest task imaginable, for we will have to trust the whole world not to hit us with whatever they do find. If and when we decide to be good nonviolent neighbors in the world community, we will need a good distant deterrent to those who wish to do us the greatest possible harm here on America’s shores in retaliation for American past Communist Aggression against them.

The Checkerboard Plan provides this distant deterrent.

The safest airplane is one where every disinterested passenger carries a loaded pistol, and the safest world is one where every disinterested nation state has equality of weaponry. When everyone is armed, everybody gets polite.

To reach this disinterested end:

1) Israel must be moved out of harm’s way.

2) Respect for religious beliefs and individual property rights must be embraced in real ways by nation states.

Until then, The Checkerboard Plan is the best I can offer the world to provide enduring security during a time of U. S. troop withdrawal from the whole world.

Gene Chapman


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