That was quick

August 13, 2006

Mahatma Gandhi, the man I have most often been compared to in recent years

Compared to by whom? The only one I ever hear comparing you to Ghandi is you.

worried openly that nonviolent force would not work when dealing with a Communist government, like the government we now face in the United States.

In your alternate reality, maybe!

The Communist, Gandhi mused, does not care about whether it is perceived as moral in the world; rather, it seeks ruthless economic efficiency at great cost to the individual. Gandhi wrote that he would die in the face of this evil rather then use violence against the Commuinst, but he did not lay out any absolute instruction for the rest of humanity to follow in the midst of this type of government oppression.

The 2nd Amendment is not written to protect your hunting rights nearly so much as it is intended to allow We The People of The United States to overthrow our servant government should they get too far removed from our Constitutional protections. Gandhi, I think, would approve if he were alive in present day America that the people must be able to overthrow tyrany via violent force, if need be.

No he wouldn’t you friggin moron. He was non-violent, no matter how much your mentally deficient brain wants to believe otherwise. Is this another factor of your “alternate reality”?

As a student of Jesus Christ these many years, I am reminded in his Bible that “There is a time for war” and “a time to kill.” There is a time when the Lamb of God becomes the Lion of The Tribe of Judah. There is a time to bleed the demon robed in flesh. There is a time to “judge and make war.” There is a time for bloodbath counter revolution in the defense of Liberty.

Thus, I am left with no moral reservation about the 2nd Amendment. I support it with my whole heart.

Gene Chapman


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