August 13, 2006

For those that aren’t aware of exactly who TogaFraud and Deadbeat are, please follow this very informative link for an explanation as to who TogaFraud is, courtesy of the so very lovely and highly intelligent ENM (the check is in the mail, right ENM?)

As to who Deadbeat is, well it would take much longer than I really want to write to explain him. Suffice it to say that he earned his nickname of “Deadbeat” when he bragged about skipping out on his student loans, forcing his mother to pay the bill. Of course, he’s also a failed tax protester. Failed I say because he can’t even do that right. His idiotic blog will show you all need to know about this champion loser. When you follow the link, you’ll notice the page has these words “My Night to Write”. What he forgot to add – and I’ll do it for my humble readers – is the word “Poorly”.

I myself ain’t a great wordsmith, but I can ridicule stupid people. Brothers and Sisters, there isn’t anything more stupid than Gene Chapman and Doug Kenline.

By the way – you’ll notice that on top of my postings is two photos. The photo on the left is a recent one of TogaFraud and Deadbeat. You’ll notice by the vacant expression on the moron in the foreground that he’s a few bricks shy of a full wall. That’s Deadbeat. In the background, looking as though he just ate a roasted pig, is none other than the failed death faster TogaFraud.

The photo on the right is TogaFraud after he exorcised the IRS building in Atlanta, GA. Yes, you did read that correctly.

Well, I intend to highlight and ridicule both of them on this blog. You may leave comments if you choose, but the life of this blog isn’t dependent on them.



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