Deadbeat has taken a new tactic…

August 13, 2006

on togaprez’s blog.

You see, him and Togaidiot have – for some weeks now – been attempting to ban me from leaving comments on chapmans blog with zero success. I would almost have to say it’s a peek into how Chapman’s presidential campaign will end. Deadbeat has pulled a page out of the “idiots guide to webmastering” and decided to simply delete my comments. There’s something ironic in a “Chapman is an idiot” sort of way about someone who is supposedly running for President to be “free” – deleting my comments. Of course, he and deadbeat really are too stupid to understand the irony.

So, I’ve decided to copy all my comments I may make on the togatubby’s blog over to here. They may delete me, but they can’t stop me from cracking smartass at the idiocy that togatubby posts.


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