Deadbeat, like Togaidiot, appears to also be a bad marksman..

August 11, 2006

he said he banned me from the idiots presidential blog, but it didn’t work.

Poor Doug.

I wonder how he feels, being dumber than Gene Chapman. Dang, that’s dumb.

Deadbeat hit the ban button due to this exchange with Robert Dingle, who reappeared as soon as Togatubby started spouting off again.

Dingle made this post in the comment field of Togamorons blog:

With all due respect Mr. Buckner, you come across as an extremely rude and disrespectful person.

I replied (that reply was deleted by Deadbeat) along the lines of:

Yes Dingle, I am very disrespectful towards those such as el piece of shit-o Gene Chapman

Now, apparently, Deadbeat got his panties in a bunch and posted that he banned me and invited me to call him to “discuss” the matter.

So, I posted on Togadickless’s web site – despite being banned. Because Deadbeat apparently is a bigger idiot that I had given him credit for.

That’s saying a lot since I consider him on the same level of “idiotness” as Togabraindead is.

Sigh – if Deadbeat ever manages to make the ban work, I’ll have to start pasting Togaasswipes posts here and having fun with them.


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