Gene is trying to ban me…

July 28, 2006

from his “presidential” website, but like a poor marksman he keeps missing the target.

He whined when I wasn’t asking him “questions”, so I started asking questions. He hasn’t answered a single one, but is intent on having Dougie show him how to ban me. Geej, if I didn’t know better, I’d say Genie was mad at me. 🙂

Heck, he even sent a letter to the FB-Eye about me. I wonder if picking on a short bus kid is a federal offense? It’s quite possible that I inadvertently violated the “Retarded Toga Wearing Building Exorcising Mental Patient Protection Act of 2006” by my comments. I await a visit from the jack-booted thugs to take me away to a locked dungeon in punishment for this terrible, terrible deed.

Or not. I sort of figure the FBI agent will be chuckling a great deal over TogaIdiots letter – assuming he actually opens it (I’m fairly confident it’ll be irradiated first).

I think I’ll now dub the toga wearing idiot “togaprez” in honor of his running for the office of CEO of the United States of America Inc.

How did that flabby little bastard discover the truth? There’ll be investigations, count on it.


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