July 27, 2006

“Economics” Is The Job Presidents Do

The one field I feel most capable in is that of Economics. This blog will allow me to share, as a kind of job application, that I feel I deserve the nomination for both President of The United States, Inc. and President of The United States of America in the Libertarian, Constitution and Southern Parties.

My economics training consists of several university level classes, where I remember making nothing lower than an “A.” (Grades will be presented on all my studies at a later date.)

Later, I studied the ideas of Mr. Warren Buffett in great detail, including his Columbia University professor, Ben Graham and others. David Clark, co-author of the renown book entitled, “Buffettology,” by Mary Buffett and David Clark, was a boy in the neighborhood with Mr. Buffett’s children, who grew up to become a lawyer in Omaha and taught me on the internet for a couple of years the things he learned in the Buffett home about microeconomic theory. He became my entrance into the “Buffettville’ community.

Mr. Buffett actually took time out of his day a couple of times in 1998 to write me and slap me on the back concerning my work, but he made clear that he was not offering an endorsement, as his endorsement means millions to a young investor, and Buffett doesn’t like to get involved in other people’s money matters.

It was this economic study that led me to study the personal income tax issue for which I am now known so well. If I was good “Buffettville” people, I thought, then I should do well in tax law. This journey led me to discover that there are a range of serious problems with tax laws. We will explore this in the future. Gene Chapman


***edited on 7-27 by author. Purpose to add ENM’s debunking of Gene’s education***

ENM, if you’re reading this, do you think you could dig up those posts you did on Gene’s educational claims? I lost it when the first incarnation of this blog was fragged. If you can, let me know and I’ll post them here.

Gene claims to have spent 10 years in university study at three different universities: Baylor, Dallas Baptist, and Tabernacle. He claimed he had a $104,000 scholarship to Baylor. He also claimed he attended seminary.

Guess what?

He attended Baylor from summer 1992 – fall 1993 (one year). He was not on scholarship. He majored in pre-law, minor in philosophy. At one point his declared major was pre-med, but none of his classes reflected that major.

He attended Dallas Baptist from May 1991 – May 1992 (one year). He majored in Biology.

Tabernacle had never even heard of him despite a manual records search.

So we have only two confirmed years of college, no degrees in anything, and no seminary studies.

He claimed that he had been determined to be a musical genius while at Dallas Baptist. According to their records, he took “Piano for Beginners”, and that was the only music class he ever took.

He then said that he lived in a monastic setting for 9 years. When that was questioned, he stated that his truck is a rolling monastery. Um, yeah.


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