Gene is running for President

July 13, 2006

With that little announcement, I have no choice but to revive the togafraud blog. So, here’s the “issues” that togafraud is running on. My comments in red:

Gene Chapman points for running for Libertarian, Constitution and Southern Party Presidential Nomination:

A) Right to keep and bear arms to be as common as the right to breathe oxygen.

Does Gene really need that right? Come on, be honest!

B) To protect 1st Amendment Religious Liberty, abolish all ten planks of “The Communist Manifesto”and associated communist activities.

Re: “But Commuinsm abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion and all morality” (“The Communist Manifesto,” p. 242, Penguin Classics Edition).

Ten Planks of “The Communist Manifesto”:
1. Property taxes and Eminent Domain Laws.
2. Income Taxes.
3. Inheritance Taxes.
4. Confiscation of Property from Emigrants and Those The Government Dislikes.
5. Federal Reserve Banking to Empower Deficit Spending.
6. FCC and Interstate Commerce Commission.
7. Farm Controls.
8. WPA, CCC and Peace Corps.
9. Population Control Laws.
10. Secular Public Schools.

C) Right to life of the unborn child to be the same as any other human life in America.

D) Right to die with dignity at one’s own choosing protected.

Well, Gene has my permission to light himself on fire anytime he chooses. Perhaps that’ll be a campaign promise – “If I lose, I will light myself on fire”

E) Abolish state sanctioned marriage, making gay marriage a moot issue, while putting marriage back into the hands of the individual, church and God where it belongs.

In other words “hey sis, you’re looking mighty pretty today”.

F) Shut down all state camera and GPS chip monitoring of our people; highways, street corners, etc., as a matter of personal liberty.

G) Break down barriers between Libertarian, Constitution and Southern Parties for cross support of pro-constitution candidates and possible unification, while working to educate Socialism out of the Democrates, Republicans and Green Party.

H) Tear down substantial sections of Bureau of Land Management fencing and build bike paths and walkways throughout America so the people may enjoy their country again and travel more freely.

People aren’t actually walking right now. Hey Gene, haven’t you packed on some weight since your last “death fast”? Hmm, perhaps in your case…

I) Appoint a White House Commission to examine the “9/11 Controlled Demolition Evidence,” as such prominent credentialed experts/ professors are now demanding this attention. (MIT Doctoral Candidate Rick Raijter: Campaign’s “9/11 Advisor”).

Gene, you’re simply a whacko

J) Do away with the Death Penalty and replace it with the removal of all body parts involved in the commission of a violent crime, releasing the person back into society once healed.

Hmm, a bit of islamic law in there too, huh? What about embezzelers Gene, what “body part” would you have removed? Shoplifters? Cut off a hand for that? Gee, how compassionate you’ve become moron.

K) Place Illegal Immigration under the control of local sherriff’s, and fund them. Invite Mexico and Canada into the union if they like, then impose a one year county jail term on illegal aliens, picking up trash on our highways before deportation.

OK, if Mexico was “invited into the Union”, there wouldn’t be illegal mexican aliens to pick up your trash. NimRod.

L) To restore benevolence functions to the church and the individual where it belongs and stop state control of our personal lives, shut down all Social Security Administration activities, returning all monies paid in plus 10% compounded interest.

So there you have it. Vote for the only Presidential Candidate with a proven low IQ, Gene Chapman!


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