On his blog (see link to the left (deadbeats totally moronic blog) – Doug Kenline is blogging once more.

On his blog, he posted this

Frank, so now that I’m paying my taxes, what now?

I replied on that blog post and this is what I said:

You can have a life, Doug. You can not worry about your wages being garnished, you can have a bank account, you can buy a house, you can get married, you can have kids. Jesus, what has this “war” gotten you?

I’m pretty sure the “Frank” he was speaking to was me ~ either way I decided to answer.

Believe it or not, I wish the best for Kenline…but he has to grow up and face the fact that he’s got responsibilities to his family, his community and society in general. Despite my labeling him as a moron, he’s a smart person – he just needs to grow up and apply it in a useful manner.

Good Luck Doug.