Ay Carumba – he’s baaaaack!

February 11, 2006

Just when I thought Gene was getting boring. OK, he’s still boring, but he’s starting to get funny again. I suppose the meds he got when he was involuntarily committed to the psych ward are finally wearing off. Here’s the latest from the togafraud:

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Posted 2/11/2006 01:53:00 PM by Gene
Round Table Talk: The Newspaper is in my hands, and I’m sad to say that only 6 of the 9 things I wanted printed of mine made it. I thought I’d made it clear that my payment for the publishing of the entire newspaper meant that all my materials would be printed, but I guess I was mistaken. There were also some serios errors in the sermon on the front page: “Let My People Go.”

I’m sorry to hear that neither Bob Schultz’ material nor Rick Stanley’s story made tha paper. I can assure you all that I will be proof reading anything in the future that goes into “The Truth Newspaper.” I didn’t pay $4,000 for half my ideas to get mailed out, but we will suck it up and go on. My appologies to Rick Stanley.

We will mail out my “Class Action” to the 1,500 churches in the coming weeks, as it didn’t make the paper. This was my primary reasom for printing the peper, but we will go on from where we are.

On another note, I’m talking to a theologian friend of mine in South Carolina about printing a newspaper: “The Textus Receptus Journal” or someting of the sort.

I can’t quite decide how to proceed with the printing of my sermons, but the failures in communication on this last printing are troubling.

6 of 9? That someone would actually print 66% of your tripe is amazing in and of itself. How do you get a copy of “The Newspaper”? I’d pay real FRN’s for one.

“serios” errors, huh? I think I read that “sermon” once, the serious error is that Gene believes he’s able to interpret the Bible. Oh, I forgot, he had a few years as a Peterbilt Missionary. My bad. $4000? Hey IRS, did you hear that?

The “Class Action” to 1500 churches? I wonder if we can arrange to have all 1500 delivered on the same day? The sound of so much laughter at one time would be deafening – and maybe worth an entry into the Guiness Book of World Records.

“The Textus Receptus Journal”? I wonder what Gene’s obsession with Greek is? Hmmm, perhaps his wanting to stay at Kenline’s house has a deeper meaning? “Hey Doug, did you drop this soap?”

Gee, Gene having a failure to communicate? Why did I just hear that Cap’n from “Cool Hand Luke” just as I typed that? Ahh, where’s a Louisiana Prison Guard with a sniper rifle when you need him? Did I just say that out loud? Sorry.


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