Was the SuperBowl decided by the officials?

February 5, 2006

I have to say “yes”. This is another case of the officials making bad calls at the wrong time. The “hold” that called back the pass play that landed the Seahawks on the 1 yard line. The “hold that never was” would be a good call for this play. Bad Call officials – Bad Call.

Follow that up with the BAD CALL of the Hasselback tackle. See, refs, a tackle can be made below the knees. Hasselback wasn’t blocking anyone.

It was those 2 call BAD CALLS that cost Seattle the game.

These are the type of calls that aren’t reviewable under current NFL rules. I think that needs to change. I don’t agree with the Coach throwing the red flag in if he doesn’t like the call – but these were blatant bad calls that should have been challenged. There needs to be a recourse.

For the record – I was rooting for Pittsburg to win the game.


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