Flash in the pan!

November 3, 2005

Which is what the Schiff trial turned out to be. When it first started, and then during the trial itself, the bloogers (sic on purpose) on the triallogS blog were furious in their defense of the “Great and Wonderful Irwin Schiff”. It didn’t take long before they were hedging their bets by announcing with complete authority that the trial was “rigged” a “plant was on the jury” or some other whacky belief that the Government help such fear for Schiff that hundreds of years of juris prudence would be tossed out of the window to convict this “dangerous” man.

During the trial they obsessed over the fact that “Irwin isn’t being allowed to show the jury the law”. Well, that’s simply not true. Irwin wasn’t allowed to tell the jury his opinion of what the law is.

Major difference.

He was, of course found guilty of all the charges. Not because of a “vast government conspiracy”, but simply because he was guilty of all the charges brought against him.

With the guilty verdicts and Mike the Radio Retard making Irwin and himself look like a fool [though to be fair, it isn’t that difficult of a task], the comments on triallogS are become almost non-existent. They have a few of the die-hard “anti-everything” crowd still posting, but nobody is paying any attention.

Peymon is trying to steal Irwin’s client base, and giving wrong advice in the process. (The bankruptcy laws have changed Peymon)

Best part? Doug Kenline (Deadbeat) has disappeared once again from the “blogosphere”.

(this will be posted on my other blog as well)


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