Gene advocates violence…

October 28, 2005

and then again, in the second post, threatens the world with his death. Yawn.

As I look over the Irwin Schiff and Dick Simkanin status, I am compelled to remind our people that God does open one door to violence in His name. Judges 3 contains a story of a man raised up to kill a king for all God’s reasons and by His command.

A group of ministerial students in Germany discussed and got close with a pistol on one occasion to killing Hitler based on the Judges 3 theology. I’m not telling you to use violence, but I can’t in conscience tell you not to use all Biblical options in the matter of your freedom from slavery and the mark of the beast.


Sounds to me like the “minister” is advocating violence.

I am preparing for a meeting Sunday about the future of the church. We have invited several respected pastors to attend. The visit to Miami to deal with Fidel Castro is in place for Christmas eve. I will be attempting to gain a pass port in coming weeks to see about getting to Africa to purchase Christians out of slavery this coming May, bring them to the U.S., educate them and let them return home to free their people, if possible.

We have several options if the class action fails to get off the ground, but they all end with me dead. God, you must come through. Free our people, Lord, in Jesus’


I thought that whole passport thing was sidelined due to having to supply a SSN on the application?

October 28, 2005

Update On Slave Freedom/ Mark of The Beast Class Action Law Suit

1) I have a letter from Pat Robertson’s camp indicating what I refer to as a “be thou warmed and filled” letter concerning my invitation to join the suit. Lots of blessings for our work but no muscle behind it.

2) Christian Abolitionist Leader Richard Simkanin writes from Federal Prison in Texarkana, Texas, where he is being held for attempting to free slaves in Texas and refusal to be an “enslaver” (see: He is so frustrated with the justice system that he sees no solutions to be found it a law suit, based on his experiences.

3) The IRS is attempting to close our church in South Carolina for our theological focus on slave freedom (the “gospel of liberty to the captives”) and the mark of the beast.

Gene Chapman


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