Where did Dougie go?

October 26, 2005

Deadbeat (link on the left – deadbeats completely moronic blog) has disappeared once again from the “blogosphere”. He did this once before, when he caved in to “the evil minions of the IRS” over his back taxes. Of course, it didn’t last. He simply prepared a new pitcher of kook-aid and came back roaring (?) with a new take on the tax protesting, “cracking the code” is the ticket, yeah that’s it. Of course, he’s unable to comprehend that he’s a total idiot, which makes making fun of him – fun.

Irwin Schiff became his cause o’ the day when Schiff was prosecuted for about a zillion violations of the tax laws of the United States (or united States). He once again climbed onto his “ban” wagon and banned me from commenting on his blog (historical note: Kenline’s banning of me is what began this blog in it’s first incarnation) when I asked a simple little question regarding Schiff “Do you think his prison number will be all zeroes?” Some people have no sense of humor.

Now, with Schiff being found guilty, Dougie has gone once again into hiding. I’d say good riddance, but damn, he’s so stupid that he’s fun to have around, you know?


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