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October 17, 2005

There are a large bunch of, shall we say, mentally challenged people posting comments over there. I especially love the ones that post under anonymous and then deride other anonymous posters for posting anonymously.

One name “John”, who I believe is John Vories who actually spent a day passing out Togaidiots “tracts”, is a poster that takes me to task for my posts. Here is “John’s” original post and my response.

Hope you are going to put your wimpy comments back on this blog when Irwin is aquitted of all charges Frank Buckner.


That’s simply not going to happen.

I realize you “people” have an incredibly difficult time grasping that little thing I like calling reality, but Schiff will be found guilty. NOT because of a “stacked deck” or a “corrupt judiciary” or any of the other thousand reasons you’ll come up with – he will be found guilty, because he is guilty.

He’s a flim flam scam man that actually stumbled into a huge stroke of luck when he found a group of people that were actually stupid enough to believe his crap. Not only believe it, but thrive on it, hoist the “zero return” flag and salute it. He fell into con man heaven at that point.

You morons have been supporting him for years – he owes the IRS MILLIONS of dollar thanks to retards like you and you and even you Angela, buying his twilight zone tomes.

I realize you must “stick” with it, you’re in too deep to admit that you’re incredibly gullible, but damn, you don’t have to wallow in your ignorance for all to see. Then again, maybe it’s a good thing – I find you people such a fantastic source of amusement. Who needs to pay $12 a month to watch comedy on HBO when the world has the tens of tax protestors in it.


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