Interview between Deadbeat and an 80 year old Doctor of Optometry

October 11, 2005

The link :

“Dr.” Hartman:
“as early as 1965 when Kennedy was assassinated”

“Dr.” Hartman (who testifed for Schiff on this point of law)
“they can take a maximum of 10%…or maybe it’s 15%, somewhere around there”

The judge, surprisingly, wouldn’t let him testify about the Social Security, but he did get to testify about seizing Irvin’s car.

“Dr.” started the zero return nonsense about 5 years before Schiff so he says.

Kenline asked him what happened after he fell off the stand ” I just laid there”. Priceless.

Kenline the martyr. I’d feel sorry for him if it wasn’t his own fault. Then again, maybe not.

37:48 long. I don’t have enough in me to listen to the whole thing. But what I did hear was amusing.


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