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October 29, 2005

I couldn’t believe it when I heard that a man by the name of Kamau Kambon, a Black former college professor, while speaking in North Carolina – actually advocated – called – for the “extermination of white people” from the face of the Earth. Here’s mp3 excerpts of his “speech”.






The “speech” was televised on C-Span, but (suprisingly -not) the link is now dead.

I found a link to the actual video of the speech. 9:12 long. Here’s a link to the video.


This “man” shouldn’t be allowed to enter a college, much less give a speech that students listen to. What a disgrace for the black community.


Gene advocates violence…

October 28, 2005

and then again, in the second post, threatens the world with his death. Yawn.

As I look over the Irwin Schiff and Dick Simkanin status, I am compelled to remind our people that God does open one door to violence in His name. Judges 3 contains a story of a man raised up to kill a king for all God’s reasons and by His command.

A group of ministerial students in Germany discussed and got close with a pistol on one occasion to killing Hitler based on the Judges 3 theology. I’m not telling you to use violence, but I can’t in conscience tell you not to use all Biblical options in the matter of your freedom from slavery and the mark of the beast.


Sounds to me like the “minister” is advocating violence.

I am preparing for a meeting Sunday about the future of the church. We have invited several respected pastors to attend. The visit to Miami to deal with Fidel Castro is in place for Christmas eve. I will be attempting to gain a pass port in coming weeks to see about getting to Africa to purchase Christians out of slavery this coming May, bring them to the U.S., educate them and let them return home to free their people, if possible.

We have several options if the class action fails to get off the ground, but they all end with me dead. God, you must come through. Free our people, Lord, in Jesus’


I thought that whole passport thing was sidelined due to having to supply a SSN on the application?

October 28, 2005

Update On Slave Freedom/ Mark of The Beast Class Action Law Suit

1) I have a letter from Pat Robertson’s camp indicating what I refer to as a “be thou warmed and filled” letter concerning my invitation to join the suit. Lots of blessings for our work but no muscle behind it.

2) Christian Abolitionist Leader Richard Simkanin writes from Federal Prison in Texarkana, Texas, where he is being held for attempting to free slaves in Texas and refusal to be an “enslaver” (see: andrapodistes.blogspot.com). He is so frustrated with the justice system that he sees no solutions to be found it a law suit, based on his experiences.

3) The IRS is attempting to close our church in South Carolina for our theological focus on slave freedom (the “gospel of liberty to the captives”) and the mark of the beast.

Gene Chapman

Breaking news!

October 28, 2005

Jeff Quinn
Special to the Bonanza
October 28, 2005

Well, well, well. Let’s see – this week it came to light that it’s not only us who are “enslaved” to the system which, some would say, seeks to perpetuate fraud against the American people, in the form of the Constitution and the country’s related tax laws. We guess the jury of ordinary folk (not to mention Nevada District Court Judge Dawson) which found tax scofflaw Irwin Schiff guilty (again) has also been hoodwinked all these years by the illegal shenanigans foisted upon all of us by the IRS, Congress and God knows who else, in perpetrating the tax laws of this land.

Or could it be, simply, that once again the ridiculous and inane arguments proffered by Schiff, his codefendant losers and others out there are simply the vacuous ruminations of people with either too much time on their hands, or folks who have truly lost their way when it comes to rational debate within the structure of laws which govern us all?

That’s probably why a Federal jury in Las Vegas, this week, convicted Schiff and two associates of aiding and assisting in the preparation of false income tax returns filed by other taxpayers, and convicted Schiff on all counts, including income tax evasion and of filing false income tax returns for the years 1997 through 2002. This makes Schiff a three time loser when it comes to tax offenses. He faces the potential of a very long time in the slammer, and the payment of hefty monetary penalties.

It’s more than simply arguing over whether the Internal Revenue Code could pass muster in a high school English class, for the manner in which it defines “gross income.” It just comes down to the fact that even though we may not like all of the rules which bind us, in this free country, it is an obligation on us all to either live by them, or go about changing them within the parameters prescribed by the system.

Does that mean that law-abiding citizens are all “slaves?” We think not. Does it mean that folks with a legitimate gripe shouldn’t have access to the judicial system? No, of course not. But what it does mean, we believe, is that at some level, the shrill bleats of folks whose often absurd, and seemingly endless protestations should be exposed for what they are. And if that means harsh punishment should be imposed, then so be it. The fact is that most law-abiding taxpayers probably aren’t too happy about the fact that somebody (namely, them) had to make up the more than $2 million in taxes evaded by Schiff from 1979 to 1985, according to evidence put forth in the recent trial. Not to mention whatever unknown amount of taxes went unpaid by the legions of other Schiff lemmings who bought into the Schiff programs (to the tune of $4.2 million in books, tapes, and related products sold by Schiff’s “Freedom Books” business) which espoused the reporting of zero taxable income, based on meritless, frivolous legal theories.

Nobody we know thinks the tax laws are the paragon of perfection. Fact is, most of us don’t like them at all. But our respect goes to folks whose reform efforts are expended within the legitimate system. Those who do nothing more than dream up ludicrous, inane arguments, and blow smoke at the rest of us, in the form of accusations ranging from stupidity to professional cronyism do nothing to advance legitimate debate, and only get in the way of progress toward reform.

Schiff reports that he’s “done more research on the income tax law than any Federal judge in this country.” We guess all that research comes up just a little short.

Where did Dougie go?

October 26, 2005

Deadbeat (link on the left – deadbeats completely moronic blog) has disappeared once again from the “blogosphere”. He did this once before, when he caved in to “the evil minions of the IRS” over his back taxes. Of course, it didn’t last. He simply prepared a new pitcher of kook-aid and came back roaring (?) with a new take on the tax protesting, “cracking the code” is the ticket, yeah that’s it. Of course, he’s unable to comprehend that he’s a total idiot, which makes making fun of him – fun.

Irwin Schiff became his cause o’ the day when Schiff was prosecuted for about a zillion violations of the tax laws of the United States (or united States). He once again climbed onto his “ban” wagon and banned me from commenting on his blog (historical note: Kenline’s banning of me is what began this blog in it’s first incarnation) when I asked a simple little question regarding Schiff “Do you think his prison number will be all zeroes?” Some people have no sense of humor.

Now, with Schiff being found guilty, Dougie has gone once again into hiding. I’d say good riddance, but damn, he’s so stupid that he’s fun to have around, you know?

This is the verdict:

Irwin Schiff

Count 1 Conspiracy to defraud the US Guilty
Counts 2 – 5 Aiding and assisting in the filing of false federal income tax returnsGuilty
Count 6 Aiding and assisting in the filing of a false federal income tax return Guilty
Count 17 Attempt to evade and defeat payment of tax Guilty
Counts 18-23 Filing false federal income tax returns Guilty

Reportedly, they found him guilty on Count 7, even though that was a charge against Neun and not Schiff. The report was from Angela Stark, so considering the source, I’m sure the Count 7 report is less than reliable.

As to be expected, triallogs is going totally bananas over the verdict. They’ve been setting up their spin almost since the beginning of the trial. “Judge Dawson was biased…” “Judge Dawson is under the control of the IRS, or NWO, or UN or “Aliens from Outer Space…” and my personal favorite “The Government put a plant on the jury”. To what end, I haven’t quite figured out. Just a quick perusal of his web-site shows that Schiff is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. The poor jury that had to spend weeks with him – in person – had to see the idiocy of his “argument” from the get-go.

As to them finding him guilty, I have only this to say: