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September 22, 2005

It appears that the new edit looks good.

The “new edit” he refers to is of the “video” he made to Fidel Castro. Here’s another link to the video for your amusement.

I’m off to West Texas for a Friday delivery.I wonder how our tract passing out went in California.The tv show to 21 countries is off to the satellite company for broadcast asap.Gene.

Pay for view?

I will not be attending the Alabama Tea Party on October 15th, as I am informed that the event has taken on an anti-illegal alien feel, and I don’t want to get tangled into a potential race issue. My next big event is a visit to Miami on Christmas Eve to pass out the Castro videos and tracts to the Cuban people.

Remember the bold portions of the above Genie quote, I’ll be referencing it in just a second.

…I want to go to Africa next Spring to see about freeing slaves in that area.

But, he doesn’t “want to get tangled into a potential race issue”? I’m somewhat confused, I thought the Africans had been kidnapped from Africa and taken to the European Countries (and by extension the British Colonies later to be renamed the United States of America) and enslaved? Did I fall asleep in history class one day?

Next July 4th is the Slave Freedom Weekend Event in Washington D.C. at the Main IRS Building. Gene

What a friggin’ loon. The really scary think is that he’s driving a huge truck down the highways…Hope he doesn’t get an endorsement to drive tanker trucks.


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