The nuts on Schiff’s blog are out in full force

September 16, 2005

Case in point:

The real trial takes place in the court of public opinion. If people are abused by government and judges for standing on their rights and stating the law, then each instance of injustice further reveals the corruption in the judiciary.

Wow, how is that for logic? By not agreeing with my torturted opinion of the law, you’re corrupt.

It will soon reach a point when it won’t matter how much those who spit on the tax honesty movement state that anyone who acts on the truth about the non-applicability of the income tax will ultimately lose and go to jail when it is seen by more and more Americans how those who are attempting to defend themselves from litigation are interfered with in their attempt to state their case and present evidence.

In my minds eye, I see spittle flying onto the computer monitor (coupled with curious stares from the other people in the public library) when the author types this above quote.

It won’t matter when more and more people see what they thought were their rights being trampled with greater and greater disregard. It won’t matter when we reach the critical mass here in America of people waking up to the fact that they are having the fruits of the labor stolen from them from a government that should only exist to serve them. I think we are coming to the end of Act II of this play, where things become very hard for the protagonists. Act III is coming, and with it I intuit some very positive changes.

More spittle!

Besides, its not all played out in this particular trial yet, anyway.

Won’t you join me in refusing to despair and give up?
Scott 09.15.05 – 10:20 pm #

Also, Deadbeat Dougie managed to insult me on Shifty’s (kenline maintained) blog.

The insult here would have had much more impact had it not been a case of him following along behind David “nutjob” Goodyear making the same type of comment. I do, however, feel complimented that one who has such intimate knowledge of being an idiot, would deign to bestow that upon someone else.


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