Deadbeat is guzzling the kool-aid

August 17, 2005

Kids, Just say NO!

Joe Banister

Great American hero.

The Larken Rose trial was a travesty of justice.

Free Dick Simkanin.

He’s repeated the above 17 times in a row on his blog. 17 times. Poor Kenline, he hung his “press” hat on the 861 argument and prayed for Mulletboy to win. He hasn’t a clue what to do next. Back to toking and repeating posts on his blog. Perhaps he’ll start giving dinner and bowel movement reports once again.

The only “travesty” was that the Government only charged him with 5 misdemeanors. He should have been charged with promoting a tax scam (or whatever the charge would be) and locked up. Just think of the number of weak minded fools like Kenline are out there eating this crap up.

Picture of deadbeat loser at the top of this entry!


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