Larken Rose

August 11, 2005

is another tax protesting idiot. He’s currently on trial in Philadelphia for willful failure to file his tax returns. He sends out emails to his “supporters”, mostly begging for money. However, in a few, he actually sounded shocked that the Government would prosecute him. This despite posting on several web sites and a few desperate newspapers around the country, this little gem:

Dear Federal Government,


I, Larken Rose, have not filed a federal income tax return for 1997 or any subsequent year. This is not because I am protesting any law, or because I do not want to pay my “fair share”; it is because I refuse to be a victim of the biggest financial fraud in history. I also refuse to remain silent while government lawyers illegally defraud my fellow Americans.

People by the thousands are learning that the “conventional wisdom” about the federal income tax is just plain wrong. As more and more Americans are discovering that the law itself shows that the income of most Americans is NOT TAXABLE, DOJ and IRS officials are desperately trying to distract from the issue by dishonestly portraying it as a frivolous “tax protestor” argument and by trying to silence (via court injunctions) those who publicize the issue. This summary shows why the IRS and the DOJ refuse to have an open, honest discussion about what the government’s own regulations say:

Point 1: The federal income tax applies only to one’s “taxable income,” not to all income, and the income tax regulations (e.g. 26 CFR §§ 1.861-1(a)(1) , 1.861-8(a)(1) , 1.863-1(c) ) clearly show that one’s taxable domestic income is to be determined under the rules of 26 USC § 861(b) and the related regulations beginning at 26 CFR § 1.861-8. (Other sections explain when income from outside of the U.S. is taxable.)

Point 2: So why does it matter whether we use those sections to determine our taxable domestic income? Because more than 80 years of statutory and regulatory history prove beyond any doubt that 26 USC § 861(b) and 26 CFR § 1.861-8 show income to be taxable only when it comes from certain types of international or foreign commerce. In other words, contrary to what “everyone knows,” most Americans do not receive taxable income and do not owe federal income taxes.

IRS employees across the country refuse to honestly address the issue, and instead resort to threats, evasions, and accusations, because their own law books expose the biggest financial fraud in history: the deliberate misrepresentation and misapplication of the federal income tax to the public.

[See and for more information. For the nationwide pattern of Gestapo-like tactics by the IRS/DOJ against those who speak the truth is shown in detail at

I will not stand by and allow myself, my family and my neighbors to be extorted simply because some power-happy bureaucrats huff and puff about all the nasty things they will do to anyone who does not “comply” with the IRS’ misapplication of the law. To the DOJ and the IRS I say this: You know I am among the most vocal about this issue.

Stop terrorizing the American public, and come get me. Make an “example” of me. Surely if my position is “frivolous” and completely devoid of merit, then the DOJ attorneys can easily refute my position in front of a jury, and have me convicted and imprisoned. (I’m not exactly hiding, am I?) You already have what would be “Exhibit A” in my defense: my Theft By Deception video. So take your best shot.

It’s time for the fraud to end.

The above notice has run in the following publications:
The Honolulu Advertiser (8/27/02, page B5)
The Idaho Observer (8/13/02, page 14)
The Texas City Sun (8/18/02, page 15A)


On August 14th and 15th, 2002, approximately 900 print-outs of the
above notice were handed out in front of the IRS and Department of
Justice buildings in Washington DC, including hundreds of copies being
personally handed to IRS and DOJ employees.


Mr. Rose’s challenge to the DOJ was also mentioned in an article in the
New York Times (by David Cay Johnston) on 9/5/02, though that article
incorrectly stated that Mr. Rose is trying to prove that the tax laws
are “invalid,” which is not at all the case.


The following papers refused to run the above flier, even as a paid ad:

Dallas Morning News
Great Falls Tribune
Idaho Statesman
The Kansas City Star
The St. Petersburg Times
The Tampa Tribune


I’m reminded of that little adage about being careful what you wish for. The trial is currently in day 3 with Rosie still on the stand. I predict a guility verdict by Tuesday next week at the latest. Friday at the earliest.


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