Gene the magazine publishing machine

August 9, 2005

Sunday, August 07, 2005
About an hour ago here at the truck stop where I’m staying (I-78 x10 in Pennsylvania), I met and shook hands with the actor who played the President of The United States in the movie,”Independence Day.” Really nice guy. Gene.

I’m sure a visit with Gene Chapman made him re-think his career choices.

We are talking among the group of tax honesty leaders I run with about putting together the “World Domination Magazine,”

Who let the dogs out? Who Who Who? The “World Domination Magazine”? I think his delusions of grandeur are showing again.

… exploring the religous, political and economic ideas that define the world.

Yes, I often say to myself that we need to have more toga-wearing self immolating truck drivers exploring the religious, political and economic ideas that define the world. Damn (slaps his forehead) that was my idea, I should have filed for a patent!

I have in mind to make it a quarterly publication for now and mail it to all heads of state in the world, all United Nations representatives and all Council on Foreign Relations members for now. It will be patterned after the look ot “People Magazine” with lots of close up pictures, lots of essays,etc.

C a n ‘ t S p e a k

The first publication will cover either interracial marriage with interviews of Jessy Jackson, David Duke and Dr. Bob Jones III, etc. Or, it will be in the Federal Reserve System: Is it Moral and Practical In Our World? The author of “The Creature From Jykell Island” and Alan Greespan would be invited to write and unedited essay, etc.On another topic, I have a few good quotes from “The Communist Manifesto” for you all:”But Communism abbolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality . . . .” (p.242).The Proletarian’s or Communist’s “mission is destroy all previous securities for, and insurances of, individual property” (p.232).”Communists . . . labour everywhere for the union and agreement of democratic parties of all countries” (p. 258).These will make some fine yard signs to hammer the Democrats in the next election cycle. gene

Interviewing “Jessy” Jackson and David Duke on interracial marriage? Hmm, wonder what their opinion will be? TogaFraud’s meds have, without any doubt, worn off.


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