February 9, 2011

I haven’t posted here for a long time.  A whole lot has changed since the days of following Deadbeat (Doug Kenline) and Togafraud (Gene Chapman).  To be brutally honest, they became very boring.  Doug started on the straight and narrow and I gotta figure Gene is homeless somewhere…but how lucky is he now, he doesn’t have to pay taxes. Hmm, did the exorcism work? Or did his mental problems catch up with him?

Either way, I’m done with that and done with tax protesters in general. I’ve changed the name of my Blog and will now devote some time to mentioning the truth about things – at least the way I see the truth.   I know that most liberals aren’t willing or able to change their world view..I’m ok with that, but do not expect me to roll over and act like a wimpy white male the first time someone uses an Alinsky tactic on me. I’m comfortable with the fact that I’m not a racist – using that word means nothing to me.  

First thing I want to talk about is this story…I think that skools (hooked on fonix for me thank you very much) shouldn’t  be bothering students who post 1st amendment protected items – which means that I don’t think they should bother teachers either.  That’s the problem with “zero tolerance” policies.  It crushes everyone for everything. 

What’s wrong with us?  PC …how did we ever allow ourselves to care a whit about what simple  minded people think about what we say?  Sticks and Stones for Heaven’s sake.



September 6, 2006

Courtesy of Demo over at Quatloos – click this link for an eye opening glimpse into the “tax protester” world. I don’t doubt that TogaFraud will be listed in here one day.

Wow! What a statement Frank, can you back that one up?

Sure I can, thanks for asking. Gene, one to whom lies spring forth without effort, posted this on his “presidential” blog.

Questions And Answers Gene Chapman welcomes questions from the people. This post will serve as a directory of those questions and answers.

Well, when I try to post and “ask a question”, I get this:

Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added

So, tell me Gene – how is banning someone “welcoming” questions from the people?

Lying piece of shit.

I was banned from Togaidiots “presidential” blog due to leaving comments that were – shall we say – critical of TogaFraud. I also was asking questions and bringing up his past lies. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy about it. He sent his slave, Doug Kenline (formally known as Deadbeat), on a mission to ban me from leaving comments.

It wasn’t Deadbeats best moment.

After several weeks of attempting to ban me with no luck, he finally hit on the correct procedure and banned me from leaving comments on the idiot blog of TogaFraud. Fine, I can live with that. I mean I still have both my blogs, right?

Well, Kenline and Chapman did a little audio blog (more of a Kenline stroking Chapman audio blog) and in the course of this blog, they began to berate me – for not wanting to debate Gene Chapman.

Helloooooo, I had been asking questions and been ignored for weeks. Weeks. I think was Gene meant to say was “debate Frank Buckner in such a way as I have complete control over what he says”.

I went to Deadbeat Cowards blog and asked him to remove the ban from Chapmans blog and I’d be happy to “debate”.

So, his little buddy (Kenline is to Chapman what Gilligan was to the Skipper) left his phone number saying to “call him” to “talk it over”.

Hello – isn’t this the same idiot that wants everything out in public via a blog? I asked him that question in the comment field of his loser blog. I doubt he’ll ever answer.

The question was the one in the previous posting.

Here’s an a(idiot)udioblog from Togafraud and Deadbeat(coward).  When I hear this, I can’t help but have my belief that Gene Chapman is a blathering idiot reinforced.  Goes without saying that Deadbeat is an idiot. How else can you explain the way he fawns over Chapman?

Listen to the audio blog. If you think I’m wrong in my assessement of Gene “Togafraud” Chapman, leave your point of view in my comments.